AST Level 2

In order to safely expand your backcountry horizons, your growing confidence needs to be matched with a deeper understanding of how and why avalanches happen as well as developing more efficient backcountry travel and rescue skills. Our intensive 4 days AST 2 course is designed to meet the needs of experienced skiers and split boarders, looking to build upon the essential skills necessary for safe backcountry travel.   The course focuses on developing the techniques for assessing and evaluating potential avalanche slopes in the backcountry and managing hazards that they present. This is not meant to be an avalanche forecasting course, nor is it a course that dwells on the scientific collection and recording of snowpack and weather observations.  Rather, we will emphasize the practical collection and analysis of relevant data that can inform your decisions making in avalanche terrain.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand snow avalanche mechanics, including correlation of weather to snowpack, layering, effects of temperatures, principles of slab failure, leading causes of instabilities and forces involved in avalanches.
  • To know how and when to perform a variety of snowpack tests, such as: pole test, compression test, burp, ski cutting, Rutschblocks; and how to interpret their results.
  • Develop a systematic approach towards evaluating snow stability and hazard which includes the collection of weather, snowpack and terrain information.
  • Be able to recognize appropriate terrain and routes for the conditions, and be able to apply effective travel techniques to manage avalanche hazard.
  •  To improve your company rescue techniques, including multiple transceiver searches.
This course follows a training syllabus developed by Avalanche Canada and a certificate of completion will be issued at the end of the course.


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Practical Information
This is an intensive 4 day course. Each day is comprised of a facilitated morning trip planning session followed a day in the mountains where you will have the chance to route set and make decisions under the supervision of your inststructor. Evening sessions with develop you understanding of avalanche theory and provide an opertunity for debriefing the day
Skill Level
Participants must have completed a minimum AST 1 introductory level avalanche course before registering. Must be able to travel on skis or split-board.
Upon registration we will send you a complete equipment list. There should not be any surprises on the equipment list. We will be using standard ski touring equipment and equipment rental is available.
Group Size
Maximum 1:6 Instructor to participant ratio. We require a minimum group size of 4 for the course to run.
$550+gst – instruction only.
Terms and Conditions
Students must be 18 years of age or older, prior to enrolling in the course.